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The way I look My Universe

This book is all about my point of view how I look our universe.
You will see the working of our universe in my point of view.

So the book is named the way I look my universe. Every member whether living and non living objects of the universe has the rights to comment on it.

If every member is agreed of my point of view then the name becomes “The way we look our Universe”. ©
That’s my goal.
This book is dedicated to my parents. 
Animesh Sahu
My Concept:

The whole universe follows some common rule.
  1. Every Thing that starts in the universe goes to maximum and comes to minimum. That means the universe tries to maintain a balance between 2 opposite things. The maximum and minimum for any system is driven by the force factor involved in the system.
The example of 2 opposite things are :
  • KE(Kinetic Energy) & PE(Potential Energy)
Lets go to Big Bank theory of Universe creation :

There was a point . Due to a blast in the point the universe is created and it is expanding.
The blast occurred due to the energy that I call as the force factor. (The unbalancing force factor)

It is the extra energy which will not allow the universe to keep in a static state anymore.
Or the extra energy is so much that the universe will never come back for contraction.

I believe in the 1st probability and also I will prove it.

1. Universe is isolated system. What ever the work done no matter it will a PE is developed which will lead to contraction.

  1. There is another way to prove, there are many systems and subsystems and sub-subsystems etc are present in the Universe. Universe is the main system, galaxy is subsystem, Solar System is sub-subsystem and Earth is sub-sub-subsystem and so on.
The way a subsystem will behave is the replica of system functionality. Any subsystem starts goes to maximum and comes back to minimum. The whole force factor is distributed among the system and subsystem and so on. The force factor is designed for not allowing any stable state until the end of the universe. And after the end things are created again.

The systems , subsystems and so on are not isolated. They are surrounded by one another. The system affects its subsystem and so on since the system has greater force factor involved in it rather than subsystem.

Dinosaurs started from reptile , Dinosaurs is the maximum and the maximum ended due to some force factor (super nova) and created a new environment not suitable for the big monster hence they goes back to the minimum.

We know the Sun will be a black hole one day and it will at least absorb all the planets in its solar system. So this way by verifying the subsystems we can conclude that the Universe is going to contract.

The minimum is not zero. 

Absolute Zero And Absolute 100% both the things are absent in the Universe.

See mass is the potential form of energy. Light is the kinetic form of energy. Photon has some mass. So photon is not 100% Kinetic, even Quark has some mass. So 100% kinetic never exist. And the black hole is not 100% mass (Potential) as it absorbs any light or any thing that has kinetic it develops some kinetic. 

So during collision the black holes which will collide are not pure potentials but the leading force of action is potential. And now we see the potential exists but the leading force is kinetic. So the Universe is Expanding.

Like wise every thing time is created with the universe. The time lies in every system & subsystem. More is the kinetic or velocity the less is the time rate. The reference time rate or minimum time rate lets say t0

The times moves to future and reaches maximum and then goes to minimum.

There are 2 min to max………One in +ve cycle (KE Leading)
And the other is –ve cycle (PE Leading).

  • During Expansion time is positive. So we go to future.
  • During Contraction time is negative. So we go to past.
    • (Tavg)+ve=(Tavg)-ve
Things may not move in the same way during –ve motion due to environmental effects.

  • Motion under Contraction Process time goes back => The part of space contracting moves to Past. Time gets slower and reaches zero. The -ve part of Eainstein equation justifies this. However if an object from this part of universe come out of this part it can see future of other parts.

  • Motion under Expansion Process time moves forward => The part of universe expanding moves to Future. Time gets faster and reaches maximum. The +ve part of Eainstein equation justifies this. However if an object from this part of universe come out of this part it can see past of other parts.
The more is velocity associated with any system the less is the time rate. 

The time rate is positive for expansion where as it is negative for contraction. That means they will see the future sooner. That is its Life time is achieved sooner. Means the cycle of 50/50 equilibrium (KE/PE equilibrium) with in the system happens faster.

That is the elements far away from solar System in positive direction time rate is slow there (if KE is decreasing) since their velocity has slowed down and vice versa.

Some Systems come to end due to sr./jr. systems / Environment effects.

That is small System has to compromise their equilibrium for bigger system and is affected by smeller systems.

The explanation is end of dinosaurs due to a piece of super nova. The super nova fall on earth to satisfy some bigger equilibrium and changed the environment on earth system lead to end of dinosaurs and many creatures of that time which means the smaller system compromised for bigger system or the smaller equilibrium compromised for the bigger equilibrium.

Here the force factor could not end the minimum since reptiles are their (Lizards and all). And further it will go to maximum.

The system less energy involved in it is the smaller system.

Again when this version of Universe is created there are 1 dimension and it is increasing and will reach to maximum (N-Dimension) and return back to minimum (1-Dimension) and then the next version of Universe will be created.

This concept states that every system is trying to maintain 50/50 eq. but it is not happening due to the presence of unbalancing force what I call force factor.

This concept is applicable for every living and nonliving systems or objects present in the Universe.

This can help the Science of Psychology for treatment.

By the manipulation of unbalancing force in psychological systems the treatment is possible.
It can differentiate between living and nonliving system.

A living system is something that can manipulate the unbalancing force by an act of self defense and desire.

As per this rule time is not a constant for our solar system. During creation time is faster than today. You can say during dinosaurs age the time was faster than us. And it will gradually reduce.

The more kinetic energy associated  with the system the more wild is the system. Hence we are getting civilized day by day and will become more civilized in coming days.

The potential driven system tries to shrink the space however the kinetic driven system expands the space.

This can explain bending of light in a more logical way. 

When light passes through a transparent prism it is divided into series of energy levels. Among them we can only detect 7 colors only (VIBGYOR). Violet covers max and red covers minimum distance in the prism.
Why it bends?
The light is pure form of KE and black hole is pure form of potential. As we know KE driven system expands the space (pulls the shrink portion)  and PE driven system shrinks the space (pushes the expanded system). Violet has greater expanding capability of expanding over Red. Violet is capable of expanding space more than Red. Hence Violet pulls the more mass region and red pulls the less mass region. That means Violet has a more bending than red if both gets attracted by a Black hole.

Example: Put a bottle on a bedsheet. It will bend it like black hole does with the space. Now try to lift this. You will observe that you have to expend more energy in the bottom part of your palm and the energy is less as you move upwards your palm and you can lift the bottle up with your palm. The same thing you try in a reverse way the bottle slips. The exact same thing happens with the light inside the prism.

Look at the concepts positively so that it can enhance your life and solve your problems.
After reading the document if anyone has any doubts they can ask questions @

You can ask me how and why of any subject so I can use this concept to solve them. I am confident that the concept will come up with flying colors.
Every reader of this document has every right to question on this document.

Wave form of light: Kinetic tries to lift space upward, and Potential pulls it downward.  So they for a wave like structure while travelling. Kinetic associated with Red light less than that of Violet. So red struggles more to pull the space than Violet. So they have more wave length.

Black Holes vs Warm Holes:

As per my hypothesis Blank Hole shrinks the space, moves object inside its territory so fast positively which makes its time slow and it can reach future of other system. 

However Warm Holes are opposite to this and it expands the space, moves object so fast  negatively which makes its time  fast and it can reach past of other system.

How the Rule is applicable to living system?

Every species has its weight-age in the entire life system. The more violent is the species it will be said that it is expanding the space of its weight-age and the more polite is the species it minimizes its space of weight-age.

Yoga / Dhyana is the way to accumulate all the energy of the body and convert it in to potential. Now the mind is stable and able to think on one subject absolutely and point all its energy on single subject and solve the problem better than any unstable mind.

This mind acts as a black hole when it  works on a problem and able to finish this up. By this dhyana a mind can visualize the future. Any way most of us have experienced future in our dream and by Dhyana we can increase this capability as we act as a black hole and can calculate the future.


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